About Wetsuites.com

Wetsuites vs wetsuits

First of all, I know that the correct spelling is “wetsuits” and not “wetsuites”.
But… I wanted a suitable .com domain for this website and… hard to believe! – the owner of the domain wetsuits.com would like US$ 4000,- per month(!) (as of March 2024) to rent the domain Wetsuits.com. The price could perhaps be negotiated, but it would still be far too much for just one domain name.

“Wetsuites” get a lot of attention, just because of the misspelled word – like as everyone wants to look the one, who does not know how to spell websuits 😉 and – on the other hand, Google shows me that many, many people misspell “wetsuits” as “wetsuites,” so – here we are – find my scuba diving website whether you search the web for websuits or  even wetsuites.



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